T h e A r t i s t ' s W a y

A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

Start ‘practicing the art of creative living’ by attending this 12 week workshop that follows "THE ARTIST WAY" book by Julia Cameron and guidance by life-coach Heidi Kusters.

This course will give you tools to recovering your creative self, fulfill your dreams, and live more in the present moment!
An experience for anyone that wants to live a more creative life, be more creative or be more connected to themselves.

The two basic tools are a journaling called ‘morning pages’ and a weekly hour of pure fun called an ‘artist date’.
If this sounds crazy or scary, then just try it, wait a few weeks and you will experience,…… you love it!
Group classes 12 weeks for Q650
Private classes Q300 per session of 1,5 hour x 12 weeks = Q3600
Or make your own group Q500 per session of 2 hours x 12 weeks = Q6000 (maximum 8 people)

Testimonials from prior course participants
Contradictory', after having my children I felt that something was missing in my life for me to feel completely satisfied. The Artist Way gave me some tools to get there! By being in touch with my creative side or just by going out on my Artist date and finally creating time for myself without feeling guilty, I found myself again! You can read the book but being able to share the experience with others its priceless’. -Isabelle ‘

I was ready to make major changes in my life and Heidi offered the Artist Way course. Perfect, I thought! But I had no idea how perfect. It has launched me into three art projects, a series of classes from a master painter, a greater appreciation of life, of the world I live in and of my capabilities to create whatever I choose’. -Judy Sadlier

'My life in Antigua is wonderful, but I was feeling as though I was in a rut, a routine that left me longing for something new. I had a copy of The Artist's Way book but it wasn't until I started attending the weekly discussions and being held accountable for the tasks that I appreciated or benefited from the transformational ideas it holds. The experience was 12 weeks of inspiration resulting in personal growth, exciting new perspectives on myself and the world around me, new friends and a sense that now anything is possible, if only I dare to creatively dream it.' -Marc

‘I swear ... on a stack of Artist Way books ... that attending the course ... especially with teacher Heidi .... changed my life ... and my location’. –N.

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