A b o u t M e

Inspired by many things, including my daughter, the beauty of nature, people and the power of yoga & meditation, I've been guiding numerous people, since 2012, as a professional life coach, mindfulness trainer and yoga teacher. From my colonial home town Antigua, Guatemala I offer life coaching, Mindfulness workshops and yoga classes.

As a girl I grew up in the Netherlands. At 18, I started my first journey following my heart and dreams.
Traveling the world It gave me the opportunity to discover some amazing places, experienced many different cultures and have shared the lives of others I met on my personal journey.

I learned from all these places, different traditions, cultures and people and in 2004 yoga and meditation became an important part of my life. 

Guiding people always has been a line through my life. First in social work, later in tourism.
During the last few years the pieces of the puzzle have come together for me. I am more and more focused on the things I really love to doing - Getting people into movement.

Yoga, Mindfulness, life coaching now flow smoothly into each other. With the focus to move people into connection with themselves, the present moment and their surroundings.

My study and learning will never end, it is a constant force that makes my heart and mind stronger. I'm committed to being a life long learner, yearly training sessions and workshops keep me inspired and allow me to build on the knowledge I already have. 
I am looking forward to share this all with you.

Current; Life coaching level 2, specialization in Mindfulness, through Academie for coaching & counseling Netherlands
July 2016; Finished Mindfulness trainer through Sorag Academie Netherlands.
November 2013 finished 200hour Yoga-alliance teacher training through School Yoga Institute.
November 2012 finished life coaching level 1, through Academie for coaching & counseling Netherlands
Vipassana meditation fulfilled in 2010
June 1993 finished Bachelor degree in Social work Eindhoven, Netherlands.
From 1994- 2012 Guided people in social work & in tourism (guiding people around the world as a tourleader).

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