Y o g a

During the yoga classes I like to create peace, awareness, balance and connection with body, mind and the present moment.

Yoga is a good way to learn to relax and it has a positive effect on your well-being. You become aware of your own body, your respiration, your senses and your mind. 
You do not have to be agile, strong, flexible or fit to practice yoga but when practicing yoga frequently you will feel an improvement in those areas. 
Yoga classes can be both dynamic and relaxing whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner.

Private classes 
Private classes are a good way to start with yoga, to deepen your yoga practice/knowledge or to come back to yoga after an injury. 
You will receive personalized instructions based on the needs of your body and mind. 
For an 1 hour private personalized Yoga class (1 to 3 people) you will pay Q300,- .  

Group classes
For the schedule of group classes please check; www.yogantigua.com Here you will find more information on the different types of yoga, as well as the location and the teachers.
Group classes are Q70 for drop in class or Q250 for 5 classes. 

Yoga style 
My style is a combination of Vinyāsa and Sivananda yoga.
Creating sequences of a fluid flow in a playful way, to open the body, to enliven the soul and to set the mind free.  
Combining flowing poses with holding poses which increase strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation. 
Mindfulness is one of the many aspects you will see back in the class. I will invite you to be fully aware of the moment, to observe the mind & to flow into a timeless movement.  

My own Yoga journey
Yoga gave me not only a stronger & more flexible body - it also created a calmer mind & more importantly, a greater connection with myself, others and life. I am very grateful to be able to share this through YogAntigua, with weekly classes since May 2012 ...
The journey of yoga is endless and my learning continues every day, every time I step onto my mat.


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